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Pop Weds is a result of planning a wedding in Tucson within 48 hours. 

Jordan was deeply in love and wanted an amazing Tucson wedding, but being fiscally responsible wondered how they could afford $30k for a wedding let along a wedding planner to help her. The list kept getting longer for vendors. The prices kept getting bigger for quotes and a whole year of wedding planning seemed crazy in her head. Maybe it's for some brides, but she just couldn't see a possibility especially with a newborn. ​


It started as a joke to get married on a Tuesday. They started to announce their engagement over social media, calling all family and friends. When they asked a date they replied, "probably Tuesday" chuckling at the thought. After all the announcements were made they thought about it. They were both off Tuesday, they looked up when courthouse weddings were available. They grinned at each other and knew that a wedding on a Tuesday wasn't so crazy after all.  

48 hours later, they were wed! It was a wonderful occasion. It went flawlessly, food was amazing, timing was on point and the energy wasn't odd or uncomfortable for a 48 hour wedding. They managed to get beautiful photos, laugh, have a good time and friends and family enjoyed their big day. Jordan and Ron spent $1000 in 48 hours and had a dream wedding, now she's determined to make your Pop Weds an affordable reality for every bride looking for a Tucson wedding planner.


The creator and 1st bride, Pop Weds is where it is today because of Jordan's imagination, planning, and experience from planning her own wedding in 48 hours! By learning techniques from crisis response & behavioral health she developed a new way to plan for modern clients. Understanding their daily lives  changed from the planning methods of 50 years ago. Pop Weds is the only company to truly evolve for our clients. 


Owner & Wedding Planner



Michelle joined the team in 2018 with a decade of event planning experience. She is an avid believer in Pop Weds having wished she knew Jordan before her own wedding.

Event Planner


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Jennifer came on board to Pop Weds after her own wedding she booked Jordan for in 2018. Jennifer works closely with vendors and financials. Handling all the payments, and holding down the Pop Weds back end. 

email: jennifer@popweds.com

Office Manager


Caitlin is 28 years old from Seattle, Washington who is now calling the desert home. Caitlin is a Pop Weds certified planner who has experience planning corporate holiday parties and has been putting together family vacations and events for the past ten years. Caitlin is outgoing, overly organized, who would love to handle all the emails, calls, and stress so that your planning is as much fun and stress free as possible. Caitlin is a current Pop Weds bride who is learning the ins and out of the industry and is looking forward to plan your dream wedding. From traditional to off the beaten path she understands that much like love stories, no two weddings are the same.



Caitlin Simpson

My name is Katharine aka Kathie Voorhees and I am 31 years old. I was born and raised in NJ, moved to Edgewater, NJ and then moved to NY. While working full-time, I graduated from Lovegevity Wedding Planning School located in lower Manhattan. After graduating, I have experienced many behind the scenes of wedding and event planning as well as was fortunate enough to plan my friends’ weddings, bridal and baby showers and birthdays. Coming from a mother who had and still maintains a business in interior design, helped me in making my passion for wedding planning come alive. With my outgoing personality, my keen sense of style and fashion and my family background, I knew this was going to be a great opportunity for many doors to open. With that being said, I opened a wedding planning business, but due to an unexpected move to Texas, I had to stop until I settled down. After living in Texas for four years, I moved to Arizona, where I was so lucky enough to meet Jordan Ochoa. She was able to bring me on board with her company Pop Weds to be able to continue to pursue my passion in wedding planning. I feel very blessed and excited to resume my passion in wedding planning with Pop Weds and making every couples dream to live happily ever after with the one they love. “No matter what happens, if at the end of your wedding day you are married to the person you love, then it was a success.”



Kathie Voorhees